Are YOU ready for Ramadan?

Get ready with our updated Ramadan Ready! eBook. This eBook is a Spiritual and Wholistic guide full of information designed to physically and mentally prepare you for the long days and short nights of Ramadan. It contains nutrition tips for sahoor and iftar, simple energy sustaining recipes, hydration tips; as well as ways to remove clutter, improve mental clarity, and achieve spiritual calm during this most Blessed Month.

What's in the Book?

Guided Audio Meditation

calming meditations to start and end your day with peace



printable checklists to monitor your day


Journal Pages

lined prompts to help you reflect on your days

Nasheed Playlists

Islamic music playlists to inspire your month



quick, nutrient rich suchoor and Iftar recipes

Ramadan for Kids

ways to keep your kids engaged this month



intentions to set your day

New Audios!

brand new audios to

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With the purchase of our Ramadan Ready eBook you’ll get: 5 Ways to Create a Sacred Home Environment for Ramadan, 30 Day Ramadan Calendar, Daily Ramadan Prayer, Quranic Reading Checklist, Daily Ramadan Du’a, Easy Morning and Evening Meditations, Nutrient Rich and Filling Sahoor Recipes, Quick and Easy Iftar Recipe ideas and more!

Our Ramadan Ready eBook can be instantly downloaded and read on iPads, iPhones and laptops.


Meet The Authors



Nazaahah Amin is a mama, daughter, sister, friend, chai tea lover, and proud black nerd. Her mission is to strengthen communities of color through yoga, self-care and sistahood.

As a yoga teacher, with over 15 years of experience, she’s led hundreds of yoga classes and worskhops geared towards women. As an elementary school teacher at the Islamic Community School she taught mindfulness techniques to her students and currently teaches yoga & meditation to youth in afterschool programs in underserved communities. She offers her signature class series Sistas Yoga Series™ to women in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

Off the yoga mat, Nazaahah handcrafts custom scents for her aromatherapy company, Ama Scents, and speaks at national conferences, spiritual retreats and women’s wellness events around the U.S. She is currently pursuing her 500 hr level advanced yoga teacher training with a focus in Yoga Therapeutics.



The Fitness Doctor, Muslimah ‘Ali Najee-ullah, PhD, is the premiere health and fitness expert. She earned her Doctorate in Anatomy in 2009 from Howard University.

During her studies she completed a fellowship performing scientific research on movement disorders at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in the National Institute for Neurological Disorder and Stroke.

After earning the Ph.D., Muslimah realized that instead of continuing her studies with movement DIS-order, she would rather tackle the issue of the lack of proper and effective movement in our daily lives. Specifically, she wanted to motivate, inspire, and teach individuals to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  She transformed her knowledge of anatomy, and the structure and function of the human body into a health and fitness business “Fit and Healthy You with Dr. ‘Ali”.